Press Releases

With the retirement of employees becoming a routine in the DENR-CAR, the Human Resources Selection and Promotion Board (HRSPB) is doing all efforts to fill up the vacant positions vacated by retiring employees to avoid disruption of work. Assistant Regional Executive Director for Management Services and the Head of the HRMPSB, Atty. Cleo D. Sabado-Andrada said that in the selection process, functional employees with right mindset and disposition and who diligently uphold the DENR Core Values are given due promotions. Further, newly appointed employees are made aware of the duties attached to their job for the efficient attainment of the agency’s targets, through an orientation that would be conducted for the newly appointed employees.
Of the 33 personnel composing the 16th tranche, 23 are promoted and 10 with original appointments. PENRO Ifugao has the most number of appointed and promoted with 9 followed by PENRO Kalinga and PENRO Mt. Province with 6 each, the Regional Office with 5, PENRO Abra with employees 4 and PENRO Benguet with 3.
RED Pablo gave an acronym for the qualities he wants the new appointees to maintain through the acronym VARIANT. According to him, this acronym is a very common word that could be associated or connected with the on-going pandemic thus easy to remember. VARIANT stands for V-aliant A-ction R-ole I-nvolvement A-chivement N-obility T-eam work.
He expects a DENR-CAR employee to be courageous enough to get out of his comfort zone and contribute in the attainment of the Agency’s objectives and goals.
While young employees are joining the ranks, some are also leaving the service having reached the mandatory age or due to personal matter.
“Retirement is the beginning of an open highway, not the end of the road”, Regional Executive Director Ralph C. Pablo stressed this message during the Salamat-Mabuhay Program held recently via virtual ceremony.
Eight DENR – CAR personnel, two of whom reached the mandatory age or retirement, ended their government service after serving the DENR-CAR for 18-41 years of dedicated service. The Chief Administrative Officers and 2 and 1 Forest Rangers, respectively from PENRO Apayao and PENRO Mt. Province decided to retire while the Chief of the Technical Services Division of Kalinga and PENRO Abra’s Supervising Ecosystems Management Specialist also are among the honorees during the Salamat – Mabuhay ceremony. In the Regional Office, the Chief of the Forest Utilization Section of the LPDD also decided to retire.
“As you leave us at the DENR - CAR, we would like to thank you for sticking to the oath you pledged to upon entering the government service which you still do until your last day of reporting in the office. As a retiree, you now have time to serve your family.”, Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services Benjamin A. Ventura said as a rejoinder.
Wanting to start the year with all its right sentinels in place, the DENR-CAR Management installed its key officials to different posts right at the first working day of the Calendar Year 2021.
The vacancy created by the retirement of Assistant Regional Executive Director for Technical Services (ARD-TS) For. Augusto D. Lagon is now covered by the designation of the Chief of the Surveys and Mapping Division (SMD) to the said office. Engr. Benjamin A. Ventura, a Geodetic Engineer, will now hold the post on an interim basis pending the appointment of the rightful holder of the position from the Central Office.
Ventura on the other hand will be substituted to his post by his former deputy, the Chief of the Surveys and Control System Section of the SMD, Engr. Marcos A. Badongen.
Meanwhile, Teber L. Dionisio, previously serving as a Supervising Ecosystems Management Specialist (SEMS) in PENRO Benguet has been elevated to take over the post vacated by the recently retired Chief of the Technical Services Division (TSD) of PENRO Apayao. Dionisio, is now on his second tour of duty to the said office with the renewal of his designation he received in December of 2020.
Assistant Regional Executive Director for Management Services (ARED-MS), Atty. Cleo D. Sabado-Andrada recognized the fittingness of the installation of the new officials with the new year, giving them a “fresh start.”
“They can establish their vision for their respective offices, and put in place their strategies to attain this calendar year's physical and financial targets,” she said, encouraging the officials taking new posts.
After conveying the yearend message of the DENR Secretary to the DENR-CAR officials in the loop, Regional Executive Director Engr. Ralph C. Pablo expressed his optimism with the capabilities of the newly installed officials.
Challenging them to sustain the level of excellence in their service, he underscored the values of maintaining a good character, openness to different insights, being a visionary, exercising initiative and decisiveness as necessary ingredients to become successful leaders.
Nagawa Manganese Liwliw Saddle (NAMALISA) Agroforestry Association, Inc. is one of the fifteen (15) People’s Organizations (POs) in the province of Benguet organized through the Community-based Forest Management Program.
Recently, a sustainable mutli-stakeholder partnership event was introduced by DENR-CAR’s Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) which event took place at Sitio Liwliw, Camp 4, Tuba, Benguet. During which Mayor Clarita Sal-ongan of Tuba, Benguet and DENR Regional Executive Director Ralph C. Pablo were present to give their encouraging words to the participants. The event was themed as “Sustaining Resilient Namalisa Towards Empowerment”.
NAMALISA with their PO president John Dizon proved to be good managers of their CBFM Agreement area which led the PO to become a forerunner in implementing a sustainable multi-stakeholder partnership with DENR and the Municipality of Tuba.
Consequently, Mayor Sal-ongan promised to provide the PO’s needed equipment for further improvement and advancement in the management of the awarded area covering 413.541 hectares. She also expressed delight seeing the benefits of DENR’s CBFMA program to the community of Sitio Liwliw.
RED Ralph Pablo encouraged and emphasized to the members of NAMALISA the importance of unity and support amongst themselves in order for their association to be successful. RED Pablo quoted Henry Ford saying, "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." RED Pablo assured the members of the NAMALISA that as long as they continue to do things right, DENR-CAR will always be there to help and be their guide.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR headed by Regional Executive Director Ralph Pablo, is partnering with the Baguio City Host Lions Club led by its President, Nikko Jayson Go and seven youth ambassadors from the Cordilleras to push for its environmental advocacies specially to the youth.
On December 15, 2020, the three parties inked a Memorandum of Partnership Agreement which binds them to initiate programs, projects and activities aimed at pushing environmental advocacies through youth ambassadors. The youth ambassadors will be honed as environmental leaders who, later on, could become influencers promoting their respective advocacies, primarily by maximizing the use of social media and secondarily by intiating environmental activities of their own in their respective schools and communities.
The partnership is under the Tayo ang Kalikasan movement of the DENR which calls for social participation and mobilization in promoting various environmental advocacies, activities and best practices.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR’s hiring and promotion of employees remains constant despite the changes in management operations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
On November 19, some 37 appointees from the DENR-CAR regional and field offices took oath before Regional Executive Director Ralph Pablo.
Atty. Cleo Sabado-Andrada, Assistant Regional Executive Director Management Services said, "the DENR has been working hard on the promotion of our employees to continue the improvement of both our personnel, and of course of our organization as a whole”.
For the newly appointed employees, Andrada reminded them that they should be functional, performing the tasks demanded by their positions and job descriptions as such is the very reason why positions are being filled up. Otherwise, she noted sections will find it hard to delivery or targets and public service, consequently affecting the overall performance of the DENR-CAR.
To boost the appointed employees, Pablo emphasized the core values as their guide to being efficient and effective public services. He said so long as the employees have discipline, excellence, nobility and a sense of responsibility, all other important factors of work such as motivation, good reputation and greatness follow.
He further called for all employees of the DENR-CAR to stay committed to their oath office, to stay open and transparent, to be visionary, uphold integrity, and continue to be dedicated and driven in the performance of their duties as this time, more than ever, calls for good public service.
The DENR-CAR continues to hire and promote its employees as some of its elderly personnel retire, for a strengthened manpower. Job postings are regularly posted in its website, official Facebook page, and the Civil Service Commission website.