Press Releases

Top executive officials of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR commenced a three-day Regional Management Conference at Appas, Tabuk City, Kalinga.
The management conference is attended by DENR-CAR led by the Regional Executive Director (RED) Engr. Ralph C. Pablo, Assistant Regional Director (ARD) for Management Atty. Cleo D. Sabado-Andrada, Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services For. Maximo Soriano, other Division Chiefs and Bureau Officials, PENROs, MSD, TSD, and CENROS from the six provinces.
Kalinga Representative Hon. Allen Jesse C. Mangaoang of the lone district of Kalinga and Governor representative Elizabeth II D. Balais of the province of Kalinga graced the opening of the first quarter RMC.
In his message, Mangaoang mentioned that during the past two congresses of which he was the Senior Vice-Chairman on Committee on Natural resources and committee on Ecology, he was able to pass numerous laws demanding accountability for environmental violations providing impetus to incorporate environmental concerns into planning and policy making. He pointed out that our laws on climate change adaptation, and disaster risk reduction are lauded as “best in the world”. However, it has been noted that the challenge is how to translate national policies, plans and programs into actions with measurable gains. He, therefore, emphasized that the DENR plays the most vital role as front liners in the overall action towards reverting the environmental upheaval we now experience.
Elizabeth II D. Balais, Executive Assistant, read the message of Gov. Ferdinand D. Tubban applauded our efforts in the implementation of the DENR’s priority projects/programs and the many endeavors in enforcing environmental laws. The Governor encouraged DENR-CAR officials to offer constructive and sound advices to CAR LGU’s to better guide them in policy-planning and decision-making.
ARD for Management Services, Atty. Cleo D. Sabado-Andrada, reminded the officials to go extra mile. “We should go out and see what is out there in our respective jurisdictions. It is not enough that we read and hear reports from our staff. We have to check them ourselves, so we could verify the facts on-site; talk to people, if necessary; and to be better apprised of issues that we have to address, if any. Field visits are not merely for photo opportunities to be attached on our accomplishment reports. Let us do it as part of our jobs and not just for mere compliance,” she said.
RED Engr. Ralph C. Pablo congratulated the employees of DENR-CAR for qualifying to the 2020 Performance Based Bonus (PBB). He also apprised the participants on the newly approved DENR Manual of Authorities on Human Resources Development and Administrative Matters and for Technical Matters. For this conference, he encouraged everyone to share and strategize on how to attain our targets ahead of time. In his final statement, the RED enjoined everyone to stay humble in providing service to the people.
“When women are empowered we know how to act on our lowest moments and bring ourselves up to the highest possible moments of our lives.” These are the words of empowerment given by Assistant Regional Director for Management Services and DENR-CAR Chairperson, Regional GAD Focal Point System, Atty. Cleo D. Sabado-Andrada said during the culminating program of the month-long celebration of the Women’s Month.
She noted that celebrations such as the Women's Month is a high time to educate and empower women to know their rights and privileges and whatever there is to know to protect themselves against any kind of inequality and abuse.
Dwelling on the theme "Women Make Change amidst Climate Crisis and COVID-19", Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr. Elizabeth Macli-ing-Solang, who served as guest speaker, reiterated in her talk women's contribution in communities in times of environmental crises and in the outbreak of infectious diseases. Further, she pointed out how women in the Cordilleras showed their flexibility and resilience in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The brief program was concluded by an awarding ceremony for the winners of a jingle-making and infographics contests that centered on the Women's Month theme.
In the Philippines, the Women’s Month Celebration has since served as a venue to highlight women’s achievements and discuss continuing and emerging women’s empowerment and gender equality issues and concerns, challenges, and commitments.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR Regional Office employees walk the trails of Camp John Hay for a forest bathing experience in celebration of the International Day of Forests on March 21.

Dubbed as “Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption”, this year’s celebration seeks to aim awareness about the sustainable forest management and resource use which are critical in preventing the worsening the impacts of climate change. The theme also underscores the importance of forests for their environmental, economic, social and health benefits.

Through forest bathing, participants were able to better appreciate the aesthetic and tourism value of forests in Camp John Hay which offer healthy physical activities such as trekking and biking.

Forest bathing is an ecological therapy excursion which has become a fitness trend, especially this time of pandemic. Originally called “shinrin-yoku” in Japan, forest bathing offers a two-fold experience - relaxation and an opportunity to commune with the environment and appreciate it.

Mt. Pulag National Park will be temporarily opened on March 26-27 for athletes participating in the Altitude Obstacle Course Race World Series-Asia.

The event is an Asia Qualifier Event of the 2022 World OCR Altitude Race Championship to be held in Morocco in July 2022.

According to the Pilipinas Obstacles Sports Federation, 300 people are expected to go to Mt. Pulag for the event. Some 250 of which are participants while the rest are organizers and support staff. There will be 100 participants on the first day and 150 on the second day. The number is in consideration of the daily carrying capacity limit of the Mt. Pulag National Park.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR Assistant Regional Executive Director for Technical Services, For. Maximo Soriano, Jr. assured that organizers of the event went through the process of securing permission from the Protected Area Management Board.

"Rest assured that guidelines and conditions (set by the PAMB) will be strictly monitored in coordination with the different concerned agencies," he added.

He noted that allowing the conduct of the event is not only a decision made by the DENR but of community people themselves who had participation in the decision-making process.

The POSF assured that the participants will stick to the existing trails and will not open any new trail. Cleanup and restoration activities will also be conducted in accordance with the Mitigation and Restoration Plan submitted to the PAMB.

After the event, Mt. Pulag will again be closed to tourists and will remain open only for locals.

The PAMB has yet to issue a resolution opening the Mt. Pulag for tourists subject to the guidelines of the Inter-Agency Task Force.

The Cordillera Regional Task Force (CRTF) on Anti-illegal Logging in its 1st quarter meeting for 2022 invoked the essential role of the different Local Government Units (LGUs) in environmental protection after reports surfaced of involvement by some local officials in environmental violations in the region.

Pursuant to Resolution No. 2011-003 of the Anti-illegal Logging Task Force, CRTF on Anti-illegal Logging Chairperson and DENR-CAR Regional Executive Director, Ralph C. Pablo, cited that all concerned Municipal and City Mayors, through their respective Barangay Captains, are tasked to conduct periodic upland monitoring and ensure that no illegal logging, kaingin and other forms of forest destruction occurring in their areas of jurisdiction.

Members of the said CRTF lamented the trend of engagement by local leaders in such illegal activities considering the directive to monitor environmental violations in their respective territories.

Under the same resolution, failure to comply with the directive can cause the preventive suspension of the concerned Local Chief Executive and the filing of appropriate charges by the Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

“Protection of the environment is everyone’s concern, including the different LGUs,” Pablo noted reacting to the prevailing notion that environmental management is solely under the DENR’s dominion.

Hence, the CRTF called for a stronger stance by the DILG-CAR as its member, to enforce the provisions of Resolution No. 2011-003 of the Anti-illegal Logging Task Force to help curb if not eliminate illegal logging in the entire region.