With the theme “Correcting Historical Injustices for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Welfare,” employees of DENR-CAR together with EMB-CAR, MGB-CAR and WWRRDEC commemorate the Indigenous People’s (IP) month celebration through the wearing of Cordillera and/or Cordillera-inspired attires.
Cultural attires are used even up to this day to preserve the IPs’ customs and traditions, and to remind them of their cultural identity.
In the Cordilleras, most cultural attires are colored black, red, green, white, blue, and yellow. Some provinces such as Kalinga have representation for such colors: indigo embodies the sky while the prominent red symbolizes the ground. Most provinces have geometrical frills in their weavings that usually symbolizes nature such as mountain, rain, lizard, and even man.
This shows how nature and the environment are deeply embedded in the culture of the Cordillerans.
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