In a virtual retirement ceremony marking the 41 years and 6 months of its Assistant Regional Executive Director for Technical Services’ (ARED-TS) tenure in government service, DENR-CAR sent off For. Augusto Dapig Lagon, CESO IV.
The soft-spoken Forester from Tabuk City, Kalinga was born on August 28, 1956, hence, meriting the name ‘Augusto,’ meaning majestic and venerable. He is married to Glea T. Lagon, also a DENR employee in CENRO Baguio. They are gifted with 4 children.
ARED for Management Services (ARED-MS) Atty. Cleo D. Sabado-Andrada paid homage to her retiring counterpart in the DENR-CAR Regional Office by recognizing his exemplary service and well-thought out ideas that contributed to the excellent performance of the DENR-CAR in the recent years.
“Sir, I'd like you to know that I have so much respect for you and what you do; your wisdom when you speak; and your well-thought out ideas which are very substantial and helpful in attaining our goals, in addressing our issues, or simply in making our work easier,” she confided.
Lagon started his government service in 1979 as an Assistant Instructor at the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU) in La Union. Being a true-blue forester, he moved to the Forest Development Bureau as a Forester and rose from the ranks, occupying various key positions first as a Division Chief in 1989, then as a CENR Officer of the then CENRO Wangal, La Trinidad in 1995 and playing a key role as a PENR Officer of PENRO Apayao in the DENR’s transition during the separation of the provinces of Kalinga and Apayao from 1997 until the closing of the 20th Century.
His short stay in Region 8 as an ARED for Operations from August 1- October 10, 2000 marked the halfway mark of his government service and his only stint outside his beloved Cordillera Administrative Region. Carrying his position, he returned to CAR and on March30, 2004, he was promoted to Director III and served as DENR-CAR’s Regional Technical Director for Forest Management Services. He was conferred the Career Executive Service Officer IV rank in 2010 and on January 18, 2015, he held the position of Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services, a position he held on until his retirement.
ARED Lagon received prestigious citations as a DENR Official like the coveted EAGLE award as a CENR Officer in 1995. For 2 consecutive years, he was again a recipient of the Outstanding Performance Award as a CENRO of the DENR in 1996 and 1997. He also received a Certificate of Recognition for his achievements in the DENR consistent to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address in 2002. In the following year, he also received a Certificate of Achievement in the implementation of the Forestry Sector Project (FSP) of the DENR. In addition, in 2006, he received the KALSA Award for Public Service from the Benguet State University.
The outgoing DENR-CAR ARED-TS is a product of the Benguet State University’s long list of foresters. He pursued his graduate studies in the University of the Philippines, Los Banos (UPLB) earning him a Master’s Degree in Forestry.
15 other retiring DENR-CAR personnel joined ARED Lagon in the send-off ceremonies. They are: Sylvia M. Kitayan, Elias S. Botangen and Ernesto A. Aguyos of PENRO Benguet; Delfin B. Felipe of PENRO Kalinga; Aurelio O. Moog, Juan Manahan B. Wegiyon and Florencio B. Banggolay of CENRO Paracelis; Magdalena A. Buyogan and Rosita K. Sallidao of PENRO Kalinga; Nena M. Sangdaan, Janet L. Olat, Edgar S. Sallidao, Lolita C. Baggay and Francisco B. Nagoy of CENRO Tabuk and Alberto G. Balnao of CENRO Pinukpuk.
Taking turns in thanking all their comrades for the years of serving the DENR-CAR, the honorees attributed their long tenure in the service in enjoying their work and finding satisfaction in contributing to the improvement of the environment for future generations.
Meanwhile, true to his unassuming character, ARED Lagon thanked his comrades and credited everything to the fulfillment of the will of his Creator.
“It is not about me, it was Divine Guidance that led me to achieve everything. I am nothing,” he noted.
He also thanked all his mentors and expressed his optimism on the younger breed of servants in the DENR. He urged his fellow workers to “look beyond themselves” and to enjoy serving because being in the service is a constant process of learning and adapting.
Regional Executive Director Ralph C. Pablo expressed his admiration to all the retiring personnel and thanked them for their contributions to the department and their dedicated and humble service to the people.
Addressing the outgoing ARED for TS, Pablo credited him for being the “moral barometer” of the DENR-CAR in all its accomplishments.
“You are a constant reminder to all of us, especially to your younger colleagues, of making an impact to the communities through our service. Your devotion to God has always been manifested in the sincerity of your service to the people,” he spoke of Lagon.