The National Greening Program (NGP) was promulgated by President Benigno S. Aquino III under Executive Order 26, mandating all line agencies of the government and encouraging private sectors as well as individuals to participate in its implementation with the main objective to reduce poverty while promoting environmental awareness and conservation. The Executive Order was signed on February 24, 2011.

The NGP targets to plant 1.5 billion tree seedlings in 1.5 million hectares nationwide  from 2011 to 2016.  The priority areas for planting include mangrove and protected areas, CBFM areas, ancestral domain areas, civil and military reservation areas, urban areas under the greening plan of LGUs, inactive and abandoned mine sites, and all other suitable public lands for reforestation. The target area for planting for CY 2011 is 100,000 hectares and this will double for the succeeding years to meet the 1.5M hectares target for six (6) years.

The NGP in CAR was officially launched with tree planting activities on June 23, 2011 at Teachers Camp, Baguio City with the overwhelming support and presence of most of the Regional Directors of the different line agencies, Directors and managers of the different private companies and organizations, Heads of Schools and media. Prior and after the NGP launching, various coordination meetings with the Regional/ Provincial Convergence Initiative, the PENROs and CENROs and all members of the Operation Center (OpCen) at the Regional Office were undertaken to plan out the successful implementation of the program.

For CY 2011, DENR-CAR total target for planting is 6,838 hectares with corresponding requirement of 3,419,000 seedlings of various forest and fruit tree species. The total target was fully accomplished and even exceeded the target despite the fact that NGP went into full swing by the 2nd quarter of 2011 following the issuance of Executive Order 26 by President Aquino last February 24, 2011.  Specifically, the seedlings that were produced had exceeded the target by 7% or a total accomplishment of 3,666,586 seedlings. Likewise, the area developed was increased to 6,933.0 hectares or 1% greater than the given target. These were planted to CBFM areas, Protected Areas, Ancestral Domains and other Areas like school sites, road sides, military reservations, communal forests, abandoned mining sites, and other open public land spaces.

Moreover, in compliance to the Executive Order, some government offices and privates sectors have also produced their own seedlings and have mobilized planters resulting to the planting of an aggregate area of 435.1 hectares with a total seedlings planted of 491,011. This is an add-on to the accomplishment of the NGP in CAR.

The active participation of a total of 30,726 individual volunteer planters from the different Government Agencies, LGUs, schools, IPs, churches, private entities/groups, private individuals, and Peoples Organizations and full commitment of the DENR personnel despite its hardship in the Social Mobilization activities, were very significant in the successful completion of targets in the first year implementation of the National Greening Program in CAR.