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Ruling the Skies

Air travel is constantly shaped and reshaped by its consumers. Tech-oriented and big on service, these consumers are no longer satisfied with a well-executed takeoff. Their idea of traveling begins before they board the plane, sometimes even before they get to the airport. 

Coping with evolving consumer demands is one way to survive in the industry, but to rule the skies, airline companies need to do more than keep up with the trends. They need a holistic IT-backed strategy tackling above- and below-the-wings services: ground operations, back-office processes, sales & marketing, and e-Commerce transactions. 

How Pointwest Adds Value to Your Business

Pointwest has been contributing its domain expertise to large-scale IT engagements in the airline business since 2003. Our projects encompass vital operations, and our applications do more than troubleshoot obstacles. We dig deep to root out the cause, ensuring that once our applications are deployed, service delivery TATs improve significantly. 

The end goal of all our solutions is service delivery, because it resolves, directly or indirectly, the challenges airline companies are facing. Additionally, excellent service delivery results in customer satisfaction, and the solutions we build for the airline segment are meant to take that to a whole new level, redefining ease of travel. With our solutions backing the IT infrastructure of airline companies, travelers can use multiple communication channels for immediate support access, event reminders, promo details, and more.

Our IT Solutions for Air Travel

  • Airport Operations Systems
    • Passenger and luggage handling
    • Self-service devices
    • Airport video display information system
  • eCommerce
    • Online reservation and check-in
    • Travel information portal
    • Automated e-mail notifications
  • Finance
    • Passenger revenue accounting
    • Yield management
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Decision support
    • Loyalty programs
    • Travel agency contract management
    • Schedule planning
  • Technical Operations (aviation MRO applications)

Services We Offer