Message for Bantay Gubat Training


     Good morning to one and all!

     “Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.”

     In light of the continuing efforts of the current administration to help us rise from our indifference and become an integral part in nation building, it is with great delight that I stand before you at this very moment to welcome you in this capacity building exercise.

     I am most aware of your enthusiasm to play your part in restoring the original dignity of our proud homeland in which you have passionately fought for in the past with your lives. With your reintegration into your local communities, you have committed to make your own mark in a different tone but as you and I agree, the struggle lives on and our hearts remain aflamed to make this country a haven of social justice and equality.

     My friends in the service of the environment, in your capacity as Bantay Gubat, let me state in the strongest possible words that you have a great role to play to achieve our collective aspirations as a people. You are not mere passive beneficiaries of the government but have been restored to become productive assets in furthering the development we continue to work for.

     Take advantage therefore of this opportunity to develop yourselves in the most suitable manner to upgrade your approaches in forest safeguarding and management. Our resource speakers from the Forest Management Bureau will assist you in the most practical as well as profound facets of your trade. Cooperate with them and be open to the new perspectives in forest protection. Take them to heart and integrate your good practices in the past with your new learnings in this 2-day training for this is how we all become agents of transformation.

     You are most privileged to receive this training and I encourage you to make the most out of it for you to be equipped and become more confident in the performance of your duties. Make this training count with your commitment to apply every learning you have received in your places of assignment. I expect each of you to be a better Bantay Gubat after leaving Baguio for this 2-day training.

     Thank you and good day!