RD's Message during Policy Consultation Workshop


     It is with great pleasure that I welcome each and everyone in this Policy Consultation Workshop in our humble City. I am most certain that the coldness of the weather have been compensated by the warmth of our hospitality here in Baguio.

     Change is coming so did the President of this Republic said in his campaign, and so is change upon us in his installation. Not so long ago, this Department had been hanging in anticipation for its new chief. When finally, ageless Sec. Gina Lopez received her mandate, truly, it wasn’t simply change that we we’re up to. We are faced with a deep cleansing in a very dignified sense of Metanoia, a change of heart

     The Honorable Secretary is clear in guiding us towards the path of a deep awareness that change can happen only in the midst of an internal predisposition from this department to fulfill its mandate for the common good. She is an old soul that seeks to reinstill the original dignity of the human person and his synergic relationship with nature.

     There’s a Latin dictum that says: Nemo dat quod non habet (You cannot give what you do not have). Today is the moment by which we gather as a single unit to reassess what kind of change we have to live by. We cannot go on harping change without embracing the brand of change by which we are in the forefront.

     We are at a time of awakening from the dogmatic slumber that has put us in a state of indifference in the past. It gives us hope that by starting to set our sights towards a common goal, we can all make a difference. It is a scenario by which everyone has to play a part to elevate our standing as a people.

     Addressing the various environmental issues in the country, the DENR Secretary made it very clear upon her installation that we cannot build an economy based on suffering. This reorientation within our Department in our regulatory functions and policy direction to bring about social justice, inclusive growth and the advancement of the Human Capital of this nation is a concrete indication that indeed, we are moving towards making this country more human, more caring of the environment and more loving towards everyone.

     This, I believe is the direction we are traversing during her incumbency, a direction that leads to the common good inspired by the convergence of all our collective desire to enjoy the abundance of nature in our mutual endeavor to maintain its integrity. This constitutes our “happiness,” a simple paradigm that frees us from all other desires because we are reconnected with nature and with one another.

     It is my prayer that this gathering will be one that is anchored on the common good and the protection of our common heritage: the environment.

     Once again, please accept our warmest welcome. Enjoy your stay in Baguio City.

     Thank you. Mabuhay po tayong lahat!