Message for the Baguio-Benguet Woodworker's Association's Oath-Taking


Good afternoon everyone! In behalf of our Regional Director, Engr. Ralph Pablo, I am Atty. Cleo Sabado-Andrada, the current Officer-in-Charge at the Office of the Regional Director through Special Order No. 24, series of 2017. I am honored to represent RD Pablo in this event and I am pleased to deliver a message he left for you.

To the provincial governor of Benguet, Hon. Cresencio Pacalso; the officers and members of the Baguio-Benguet Woodworkers Association led by the elected president, Mr. Jun Kindipan Dumar; and guests; ladies and gentlemen good afternoon.

Before anything else I would like to sincerely apologize for my absence today in your association’s oath-taking as I also have to attend an equally important matter. 

Nonetheless, I congratulate all of you for being able to formally form this Baguio-Benguet Woodworkers Association. We appreciate the fact that you were able to realize how institutionalizing your association can contribute not only to your business but also to the government.

I have heard that you have already created your Association’s Articles and By-Laws which are now ready for registration to the Securities Exchange Commission. With the formation of this association guided by your Articles and By-Laws, your businesses and capital market for that matter shall be better guided toward good governance which upholds the values of integrity, professionalism, accountability, initiative, teamwork and most importantly, environmentalism.

As a woodworkers association, we at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR hope that you can uphold these values especially environmentalism. Furniture shops are among those businesses who largely depend on wood products. Your products are results of commodity level products and innovation combined. You take natural resources, add value to them and turn them into something useful. You, of all other industries, know how important our wood products are. That is why we expect you to look at these resources and value them both in a business and environmental perspective.

While the commercial use of wood products is not prohibited, please be reminded that we are guided by environmental and natural resources laws such as the Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines and Executive Order No. 23 which declares moratorium on the cutting and harvesting of timber in natural and residual forests. These laws encourage businessmen and woodworkers like you to ensure the wood products you use for commercial purposes are sourced and transported legally. I also advise you to always secure documents, particularly tree cutting and transport permits, so you could always prove the legality of your activities. I hope you understand that these regulations do not intend to make things hard for you in the business industry. These regulations were made to ensure our forests which are our primary sources of wood products are not destroyed and are sustainably managed and used. Given the nature of your business, I would also like to stress your obligation to protect, manage and use our environment and natural resources properly to ensure environmental sustainability.

Apart from environmentalism, of course I hope your association value integrity by being morally upright; observe professionalism by consistently abiding to your Articles and By-Laws; become accountable by abiding to laws and observing prescribed ethical work standards and principles; become initiative by coming up with your own programs or projects that can contribute to socio-economic progress of your communities; and continue to become our partner by participating in the government’s inter-departmental or multi-stakeholder programs, projects and activities.

To the officers of the Association were inducted today, lead by example and serve your members genuinely. They have elected you because they believe in you so do not let them down.

To end, I would like to thank you for inviting me. And again, congratulations to the officers and members of the Baguio-Benguet Woodworkers Association. We are looking forward to having you as partners of the DENR-CAR. ###