Jan23-Phil LiDAR-f

Baguio City - UP Diliman Training Center for Applied Geodesy and Photogrammetry representative For. Gio Zaragosa explains to concerned DENR personnel how the Phil LiDAR Program works. This Program took off from the Disaster Risk and Exposure Assessment for Mitigation Program and branched into PHIL-LiDAR 1 and 2. LiDAR or “Light Detection and Ranging Technology” is a tool that uses pulsating laser lights to acquire high resolution and accurate elevation data.  PHIL-LiDAR 1 focuses on river basins while PHIL-LiDAR 2 gathers certain characteristics of agricultural, aquatic/ coastal, forest and inland water resources as well as potential areas for development of energy sources.  LiDAR 2 is the agency’s focus especially on forest resources where forest features such as tree counts, canopy height, density biomass, and carbon stock could be of great help in the development of environmental projects. Gathered information from these resources will help communities in disaster preparedness and help government agencies like the DENR in assessing, planning and developing different resources. |SJMauting