NIC 2018: “Empowering communities through Information”

NIC 2018: “Empowering communities through Information”


In the message of President Rodrigo Duterte, he stressed the re-creation of communication. “As we raise the bar of democratic governance, we share only the truth with our people through the most powerful force of electronic media.”  He calls on all Information Officers to speak deeply, and write bravely with courageous honesty. Secretary Martin Andanar, who read the message of the President, reciprocated the same by calling on everyone to wage war against disinformation, misinformation and fake news and for everyone to advocate for a well-informed citizenry.

The message wen across the 1,800 communicators and information officers from all over the 16 regions of the country who were gathered during the National Information Convention (NIC) held at the SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang Davao City on February 19-21, 2018. These three-day convention was spearheaded by the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), through the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), which brought together public and private sector communicators for one good cause and that is to learn how to effectively empower communities through information and bring about social mobilization. Various presenters and credible speakers discussed dynamic communication strategies.

The first day focused on “understanding government programs and policies and raising the bar of governance”.  Ms. Anna Marie Lamentillo, Chairperson of the Build, Build, Build Committee of DPWH shared the ongoing infrastructure projects of the current Administration paving way to what she calls the “Golden Age of Infrastructure” with all the numerous projects to advance the means of transportation and communication processes.   She also emphasized the importance of communicating projects visually to the public and to harness the power of new media, which is through the Internet. Undersecretary Felix William B. Fuentebella of the Department of Energy talked about energy saving tips as he presented the E-power Mo concept (e-safety mo; e-secure mo; e-diskarte mo) as one of the banner programs of DOE.  He stressed that, “an informed energy consumer, is an empowered one”.

Further, Dangerous Drugs Board Chairperson Catalino Cuy presented the Rehabinasyon (Rehabilitate the Nation) program of the Government.  He appealed to the participants to assist them in their advocacy of fighting the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country. He stressed that the success of the “Rehabinasyon” lies in the support and participation of the public.

Asec. Jonathan E. Malaya of DILG gave a brief overview on Federalism and its objective to activate the region’s participation in the national decision making. “As communicators of change”, he encouraged “all information officers and government communicators to influence public opinion with a “yes” vote on federalism”.  

Communications Assistant Secretary, Atty. Ablan, introduced the importance of Freedom of Information (FOI) in building trust between the people and the government, as embodied in the Executive Order No. 2, 2016. The FOI is an access tool to gain information from our government. It is also a listening tool to listen to the needs of the people”.   The Du30 App was launched and this gave us a direct link to the Office of the President. This application can be downloaded from Google Store, which provides a venue to access latest news, to report real time stories/ news and enables everyone to send a complaint via the 8888 portal.

The second day of the convention evolved around talks on promoting responsible communication and developing a dynamic communication strategy while day three was filled with discussions engaging the citizenry in nation-building. There were fire side chats involving participants to experience facets of media life through the different booths from notable media and communication industries.

As a participant to the convention, various appreciations were received from other attendees that this first ever convention was an excellent move and very timely for the government to communicate the programs of the Duterte Administration to all the government information officers and communicators from national agencies down to the grassroots or barangay levels. The convention, with the gathering of media practitioners, private and government communicators made the event successful in advocating the government thrusts and engaging its citizens. In this era of vast technological advancement, responsible journalism, fighting fake news; misinformation; and disinformation as discussed by various credible and knowledgeable speakers paved way to deeper understanding and appreciation of the duties and responsibilities of communicators/ information officers in empowering communities and building a nation.

With all the extensive presentations and discussions, it is an inspiration for the participants of the untiring efforts and innovations of government to fight corruption, combat drugs and other crimes, to alleviate and improve the quality of life of Filipinos.

Indeed, information is critical to development.  It is the responsibility of government information officers to effectively communicate timely, relevant, accurate and truthful information to their customers, the public. The NIC experience endowed the appreciation and realization of the communicators’ role to ensure that they hear, read, and understand the information or message presented, so they can benefit from it and improve their quality of life. And when information is used to benefit others, it becomes wisdom.|P. Abra,IAPBello


Cimatu Orders PMRB to Declare Minahang Bayan


Following the dialogue with the members of the association of small scale miners of Itogon, Benguet, on October 17, 2018, DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu reaffirmed his position on the closure of all illegal mining activities in the Cordilleras pending the declaration of a Minahang Bayan by the Provincial Mining Regulatory Board (PMRB).

Responding to the petition made by the affected miners in Itogon for the DENR Chief to lift the stoppage order on all mining activities in Cordillera, Cimatu assured the mining community of Itogon that the order will be lifted only upon the declaration of a  Minahang Bayan by the PMRB inside the Benguet Corporation patented area in Sitio Luneta, Barangay Loakan, Itogon, Benguet.

“I am directing the PMRB to declare a Minahang Bayan for our miners,” Cimatu declared.

Cimatu underscored to the miners that the government’s utmost priority remains the safety of its citizens. He reassured those in attendance that they still retain their rightful claim to the mineral resources of their area even in the face of the stoppage order.

“Minero kayo noon, minero parin kayo ngayon, at mga minero parin kayo sa mga susunod na panahon,” he said explaining that the declaration of the Minahang Bayan shall legalize their mining activities.

Geologist Liza Manzano of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau presented the findings of the Geohazard and technical assessment of Itogon that left 89 persons dead and 8 missing up to date.

Manzano characterized the area as highly vulnerable and a “shopping mall to all kinds of catastrophes” because of its susceptibility to all geological hazards.

“You’ve got it all,” she said, describing the danger of inhabiting the devastated mine sites in Itogon.

Cimatu also welcomed the commitment of the mining community to comply with all regulatory measures to be imposed by the different government offices for proper operation.

Further, the mining community of Itogon also committed to enter into a stewardship agreement in relation to reforestation and environmental protection and rehabilitation.

“Thank you for your benevolent offer, and I readily accept them,” he said, after reading a portion of the petition signed by the miners.

The DENR Chief also cited the commitment made by the miners to sell their gold to the Central Bank, urging them to contribute to governmental revenue by paying the right taxes from their income.

The PMRB shall be chaired by the MGB-CAR Regional Director Fay Apil.|AJTuraray


Photo Releases

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION MATERIALS  - Resource speakers to the Learning Event discuss how to make effective communication materials.Prof. Fe Abalos (left) focuses on the content of the communication material while Instructor James Beltran (right) emphasized on the design and lay-out. Prof. Abalos (left) helps the participants in determining how to create the content by determining first who are the audience of the material while Mr. Beltran (right) shows how a certain picture used in the communication material would affect the “tone of the content” or “the emotion of the reader”|SJEMauting

DENR–CAR trainees. Some DENR – CAR employees closely follow instructions of Prof. Fe Abalos on how an IEC material, particularly on how a 3-fold brochure, should be laid out during designing process.  She also demonstrated how a brochure would look like when printed and folded.|SJEMauting

DENR–CAR CONDUCTS JINGLE WRITING CONTEST. First and Second Place Winners (left photo) of the DENR – CAR 2017 Jingle Writing Contest, Jesher Nicolas and Jirah Vercelyn Teliagen are with Assistant Regional Director for Management Services Atty. Crizaldy Barcelo (left photo-right end) and contest organizer Perlita Nerja (left photo-left end) and third placer, (right photo-right end) Cristifan Toring after receiving their cash prizes and Certificates of Appreciation. (Read more...)|SJEMauting

FOREIGN PATROLLERS - Beberly Calugan (left) of the DENR-CAR’s Enforcement Division assists the Indonesian visitors in handling the Lawin patrolling gadgets.  These gadgets are equipped with android applications with cyber tracking capacity and spatial monitoring and reporting tool to generate field data for speedier analysis and intervention.(Read more...)|AJTuraray

Bamboo Movement - Members of the Bantay Gubat put on the finishing touches while assembling bamboo shavings for a table during a bamboo furniture training-workshop.  The training was initiated by the DENR-CAR in partnership with DTI-CAR (Read more...|P. Abra, VIDeVera

THE WINNERS TO THE FIRST ENVIRONMENTAL QUIZ BEE. Together with the judges and the DENR Officials, the winners show off their Certificates and medals.  From left to right are three of the judges Mr. Jose Maria Bringas Madriaga, Ms. Michelli Lazo and Ms. Carmelita Bersalona Leano.  They are joined by PENR Officer of Abra For. Shirley Leano and Regional Director Ralph C. Pablo (Read more...) .|PTNerja