CENRO Tabuk joins IEC drive to the 4Ps beneficiaries

CENRO Tabuk joins IEC drive to the 4Ps beneficiaries


The DENR-CENRO Tabuk City conducted a series of IEC on Environmental Awareness in four Barangays of Tabuk. The audience during the IEC campaigns are the beneficiaries of the 4Ps of the DSWD which also serve as their Family Development Session (FDS). Based from the attendance, there are 9 clusters with a total of 400 individual beneficiaries who attended the said session which started from September 11 to 12 and 18-20, 2017.

The main topic presented was the different benefits of forest conservation through power point presentation and video presentations on climate change.  The topics were explained in Ilocano version and specifically focused on the products derived from the land and sea resources, the types of climate, the greenhouse gasses and its sources and effects, the topic on climate change and its relation to Agriculture, the effect of climate change to the environment and human lives, and disaster such as floods and landslides.

The DSWD as the lead agency of the said program explained that the FDS is one way to empower the beneficiaries wherein they acquire new knowledge and skills that could possibly help them alleviate their standard of living and strengthen their participation in every activity conducted in their respective barangays. These beneficiaries must be empowered economically, socially and environmentally. Through these learning events conducted for the 4Ps beneficiaries, they are taught of various environmental laws and environmental protection. Because, the number one affected in the woe of our mountains are the marginalized areas.

Having other agencies to share their expertise with the Pamilyang Pilipino Pantawid Programs (4P’s) beneficiaries is considered as a strategy to strengthen the Productive Private-Public Partnership (4P’s). Because sharing of resources should observe. It may be in a form of financial, livelihood and technical assistance.

New learning should not remain as “for your information”. It must be put into action. Example, they learned that forest is life, trees acts as “carbon sink” alleviates the “greenhouse effect”. They also learned that plastics waste destroyed our water ecosystem. With this, they need to have some plan and actions to work together in the protection and conservation of our forest. Likewise helping the LGU’s in their Zero Waste Management Program.  In a way that they can design an activity that can create for additional income at the same time conserving our resources.

To strengthen our partnership we encourage them to establish their barangay nursery that could start as their income generating activity and for them to “bring the forest to the community” or in other way, for them to contribute in the development and improvement of urban forest.|C. Tabuk, SBakidan



The secret chamber of the sky blue Isuzu elf


Among the type of vehicles, the Truck or elf has the simplest design, wherein the back part has only its sidings and flooring.

During the first week September. the PNP personnel headed by Police Chief Inspector Jose G. Mulleda while in the performance of their duty at Callagdao Check point, Bulanao, Tabuk City checked the vehicles that pass by. When the Isuzu elf, sky blue and with galvanized body bearing plate number TGS 985 passed by and driven allegedly by a certain Duga Bucalan from Paracelis Mt. Province and his two companions, the PNP purposely checked the said elf.  They noticed that the flooring of the elf was slightly lifted with undetermined volume of sawn Narra flitches underneath.         

It was found out that the elf has a secret chamber. The chamber contains 47 pieces of Narra with a total volume of 747 board feet amounting to 55,988. The said specie is properly covered with GI flat sheet gauge 14 and welded with angle bar on its side. This also served as the flooring for the second layer.

In order to unload the said content of the elf, the police officers needed to use a crow bar to remove the cover.

The second layer was loaded with several empty fruit baskets which were made out of plastic which also look like cases of soft drinks. One plastic crate was filled with empty bottles of mineral water.

The simple design of the vehicle was really redesigned and intended to transport undocumented forest products.

The opposite sidings of the elf have built-in benches out of GI flat sheet and angle bar. Between the two benches is the space where they can pile such volume of lumber and properly covered with the said flat sheet which serves as the flooring of the second layer.

The Lumber was officially turned over to CENRO Tabuk Office. By virtue of the seizure order issued by CENR Officer Severino L. Dalutag, the administrative hearing of the case commenced in September 14, 2017.   The said vehicle is now impounded within the premises  of CENRO Tabuk.|C. Tabuk, SBBakidan

Photo Releases

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION MATERIALS  - Resource speakers to the Learning Event discuss how to make effective communication materials.Prof. Fe Abalos (left) focuses on the content of the communication material while Instructor James Beltran (right) emphasized on the design and lay-out. Prof. Abalos (left) helps the participants in determining how to create the content by determining first who are the audience of the material while Mr. Beltran (right) shows how a certain picture used in the communication material would affect the “tone of the content” or “the emotion of the reader”|SJEMauting

DENR–CAR trainees. Some DENR – CAR employees closely follow instructions of Prof. Fe Abalos on how an IEC material, particularly on how a 3-fold brochure, should be laid out during designing process.  She also demonstrated how a brochure would look like when printed and folded.|SJEMauting

DENR–CAR CONDUCTS JINGLE WRITING CONTEST. First and Second Place Winners (left photo) of the DENR – CAR 2017 Jingle Writing Contest, Jesher Nicolas and Jirah Vercelyn Teliagen are with Assistant Regional Director for Management Services Atty. Crizaldy Barcelo (left photo-right end) and contest organizer Perlita Nerja (left photo-left end) and third placer, (right photo-right end) Cristifan Toring after receiving their cash prizes and Certificates of Appreciation. (Read more...)|SJEMauting

FOREIGN PATROLLERS - Beberly Calugan (left) of the DENR-CAR’s Enforcement Division assists the Indonesian visitors in handling the Lawin patrolling gadgets.  These gadgets are equipped with android applications with cyber tracking capacity and spatial monitoring and reporting tool to generate field data for speedier analysis and intervention.(Read more...)|AJTuraray

Bamboo Movement - Members of the Bantay Gubat put on the finishing touches while assembling bamboo shavings for a table during a bamboo furniture training-workshop.  The training was initiated by the DENR-CAR in partnership with DTI-CAR (Read more...|P. Abra, VIDeVera

THE WINNERS TO THE FIRST ENVIRONMENTAL QUIZ BEE. Together with the judges and the DENR Officials, the winners show off their Certificates and medals.  From left to right are three of the judges Mr. Jose Maria Bringas Madriaga, Ms. Michelli Lazo and Ms. Carmelita Bersalona Leano.  They are joined by PENR Officer of Abra For. Shirley Leano and Regional Director Ralph C. Pablo (Read more...) .|PTNerja