PENRO Abra sponsors environmental photo contest

PENRO Abra sponsors environmental photo contest


PENRO Abra sponsored the 1st Environmental Photo Contest and Exhibit. The 16 photo entries were put together for the Photo Exhibit during the Environment Month Culminating Activity held in Malammin Resort, Manabo, Abra.  The Photo Contest was launched during the World Environment Day celebration in June 5, 2017.

The winners were given certificates and cash prizes.  The 1st placer Ms. Albie May A. Liyad  of Abra Provincial Police Office winning  the cash prize of 5,000.00.  The 2nd Prize of 3,000.00 was brought home by Gerald Timbreza of La Paz, Abra while Jo Derrick Barriga from Calaba, Bangued, Abra.  They were also given Certificates of Appreciation. All the photo entries were showcased during a photo exhibit at the PENRO Office Lobby, Casamata Hill, National Park.

This was one among the series of activities conducted by PENRO Abra in celebration of the Philippine Environment Month with the theme, “Connecting People to Nature”.

Photography enthusiasts and nature lovers were invited to submit their original photos of the amazing places in the Province of Abra. This activity aimed not only to showcase one’s talent but to promote the eco-tourism of Abra and create awareness and appreciation of a beautiful environment. The contest was open to all Abrenios except professional photographers. During the culminating program, Engr. Ralph C. Pablo in his talk emphasized the importance of the environment, that it is the source of life and the source of life is law (land, air, water). Pablo stressed that, “we, as human beings manage the environment and the LAW.  As such, we always connect ourselves to Nature. Our Connection with Nature is an essential part of our survival. What we see in our surroundings are our friends. The flora and fauna play a very important role. That’s why God created them equally as God created Man. Therefore, we give them value and as members of the DENR- CAR family, we take the lead in the preservation of the beauty of Nature.”

The Board of Judges include DENR – CAR Regional Director. Ralph C. Pablo, Regional Director, Forester Vicente Ato of ASIST Lagangilang, Engr. Gilberto Leo M. Tagura, CENR Officer of Lagangilang, Jose Maria Honorato Madriaga, the Resident Auditor of DENR Abra and Mr. Amer Valera, an established photographer of Qualiarts Abra.|P. Abra, IABello


Reforestation areas to be developed as green economy models



A “Green Economy Model” (GEMs) orientation for the selected 2017 e-NGP PO partners was conducted particularly to the members of the Bulo Farmers Association based in Bulo, Tabuk City, Kalinga in February 26, 2018.

The activity was facilitated by Miss Melanie M. Pis-oy and Ms. Alma I. Dajoya from the DENR Regional Office together with Ms. Sheila B. Bakidan, Ms. Novalyn Dacay-og, Ms. Libertee Da-o, and Ms. Hazel Gay Lay-asan, Forestry Technicians of CENRO Tabuk.

Since it is a mandate of the law to ensure that gender and equality shall always be incorporated in every activity and in introducing development intervention inclusive growth, Ms. Pis-oy discussed the topic on Gender and Development. She emphasized that gender equality is vital in every development endeavor.  In every work, more hands are needed, men and women need to be empowered too.

The GEM was presented by Ms. Dajoya who discussed the guidelines in the operation and transition of the DENR’s programs and projects into GEMs as provided by DAO 2017-08.

Dajoya emphasized that GEMs aim to transform DENR programs and projects into GEMs where household members create sustainable goods and services for the rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems and create viable community enterprises where households are the focal members and players in creating value-added environmental products and services.  It also moves to accelerate the rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems and promote the protection of the environment through the creation of green jobs.

Based from the objectives, GEM is a holistic approach in forest conservation. The Department is now shifting into a new paradigm from its usual practice that restoration of degraded forest land is merely through reforestation and agro-forestry. With this new program, the DENR together with the Community people will treat hills and mountains especially the e-NGP sites as enterprises in accordance with the plans and interest of the PO members.

The main output of the activity was to come up with a business plan. It was agreed by the group that they will go into wine production, chili paste, and banana chips processing. The needed raw data will be identified by the PO members while the drafting of the business proposal and business plan were assigned to the PO president with the assistance of GEM Focal person and assigned site manager. It is therefore important that the DENR personnel and employees shall possess the skills and passion to lead the POs in the realization of the GEM ultimate goals in the pursuit of sustainable economical and ecological development.

After the orientation, some of the participants visited the 2017 e-NGP as proposed GEMs site.  Their plantation was intercropped with agri-crops such as pegion pea, banana, beans and monggo.  With the collaboration of the members of the PO and the technical assistance by the DENR Technicians, the people will benefit from their reforestation areas.|SBakidan

Photo Releases

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION MATERIALS  - Resource speakers to the Learning Event discuss how to make effective communication materials.Prof. Fe Abalos (left) focuses on the content of the communication material while Instructor James Beltran (right) emphasized on the design and lay-out. Prof. Abalos (left) helps the participants in determining how to create the content by determining first who are the audience of the material while Mr. Beltran (right) shows how a certain picture used in the communication material would affect the “tone of the content” or “the emotion of the reader”|SJEMauting

DENR–CAR trainees. Some DENR – CAR employees closely follow instructions of Prof. Fe Abalos on how an IEC material, particularly on how a 3-fold brochure, should be laid out during designing process.  She also demonstrated how a brochure would look like when printed and folded.|SJEMauting

DENR–CAR CONDUCTS JINGLE WRITING CONTEST. First and Second Place Winners (left photo) of the DENR – CAR 2017 Jingle Writing Contest, Jesher Nicolas and Jirah Vercelyn Teliagen are with Assistant Regional Director for Management Services Atty. Crizaldy Barcelo (left photo-right end) and contest organizer Perlita Nerja (left photo-left end) and third placer, (right photo-right end) Cristifan Toring after receiving their cash prizes and Certificates of Appreciation. (Read more...)|SJEMauting

FOREIGN PATROLLERS - Beberly Calugan (left) of the DENR-CAR’s Enforcement Division assists the Indonesian visitors in handling the Lawin patrolling gadgets.  These gadgets are equipped with android applications with cyber tracking capacity and spatial monitoring and reporting tool to generate field data for speedier analysis and intervention.(Read more...)|AJTuraray

Bamboo Movement - Members of the Bantay Gubat put on the finishing touches while assembling bamboo shavings for a table during a bamboo furniture training-workshop.  The training was initiated by the DENR-CAR in partnership with DTI-CAR (Read more...|P. Abra, VIDeVera

THE WINNERS TO THE FIRST ENVIRONMENTAL QUIZ BEE. Together with the judges and the DENR Officials, the winners show off their Certificates and medals.  From left to right are three of the judges Mr. Jose Maria Bringas Madriaga, Ms. Michelli Lazo and Ms. Carmelita Bersalona Leano.  They are joined by PENR Officer of Abra For. Shirley Leano and Regional Director Ralph C. Pablo (Read more...) .|PTNerja