transparency seal

Transparency Seal explained

In National Budget Circular No. 542, issued on August 29, 2012, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) reiterates compliance by all offices of the national government, including state universities and colleges, government-owned and controlled corporations, government financial institutions and local government units with Section 93, the Transparency Seal provision, of the General Appropriations Act of 2012, to wit:

“Sec. 93. Transparency Seal. To enhance transparency and enforce accountability, all national government agencies shall maintain a transparency seal on their official websites. The transparency seal shall contain the following information: (i) the agency’s mandates and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information; (ii) annual reports, as required under National Budget Circular Nos. 507 and 507-A dated January 31, 2007 and June 12, 2007, respectively, for the last three (3) years; (iii) their respective approved budgets and corresponding targets immediately upon approval of this Act; (iv) major programs and projects categorized in accordance with the five key results areas under E.O. No. 43, s. 2011; (v) the program/projects beneficiaries as identified in the applicable special provisions; (vi) status of implementation and program/project evaluation and/or assessment reports; and (vii) annual procurement plan, contracts awarded and the name of contractors/suppliers/consultants.”

The Circular also declares that the respective heads of the agencies shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with this section.

The Circular directs that the Transparency Seal must be prominently displayed on the main page of the agency website, and linked to a page within the agency website that contains the aforementioned documents in downloadable format. 

Symbolism of the Transparency Seal 

A pearl that is buried inside a tightly-shut shell is practically worthless. Government information is a pearl, meant to be shared with the public in order to maximize its inherent value.

The Transparency Seal, depicted by a pearl shining out of an open shell, is a symbol of a policy shift towards openness in access to government information. On the one hand, it hopes to inspire Filipinos in the civil service to be more open to citizen engagement; on the other, it seeks to invite the Filipino citizenry to exercise their right to participate in governance.

This initiative is envisioned as a step in the right direction towards solidifying the position of the Philippines as the Pearl of the Orient – a shining example for democratic virtue in the region.



   I. Agency's Mandate, Vision, Mission and List of Officials
         a. DENR mandates and functions

   II. DBM Approved Budget and Targets (for Current Year Only)       

        FY 2019: FY 2019 Work and Financial Plan
        FY 2018: FY 2018 Work and Financial Plan
        FY 2017: FY 2017 GASS to MFO3 Work and Financial Plan
        FY 2016: FY 2016 GASS to MFO 3 Work and Financial Plan
 III. Modifications made pursuant to the general and special provisions in the FY2018 GAA

 IV. Annual Procurement Plan (APP)

          FY 2020 Annual Procurement Plan-CSE
                       Annual Procurement Plan-nonCSE
          FY 2019 Annual Procurement Plan-CSE
                       Annual Procurement Plan-nonCSE
          FY 2018 Annual Procurement Plan
          FY 2017 Annual Procurement Plan
          FY 2016 Annual Procurement Plan
           FY 2015 ( Summary /  Goods )
           FY 2014 Annual Procurement Plan
           FY 2013 Annual Procurement Plan

         Procurement Monitoring Report

          2019 (1st Sem, 2nd Sem)
          2018 (1st Sem, 2nd Sem)
         2017 (1st Sem, 2nd Sem)


         2019 (1st Sem, 2nd Sem)
         2018 (1st Sem2nd Sem)

  V. DENR Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation
     (only for current year - indicate if not applicable or else zero rating will be given)
   a.  National Greening Program  
         FY 2019 Maintenance and Protection: Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
         FY 2018 Plantation and Seedlings: Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
         FY 2017 Plantation and Seedlings: Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4
         FY 2016 Plantation and Seedlings: Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4
         FY 2015 Plantation and Seedlings
         FY 2014 Plantation and Seedlings
         FY 2013 Plantation and Seedlings
    b.  Land Disposition
           FY 2019 Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
          FY 2018 Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
          FY 2017 Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4
         FY 2016 Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4
         FY 2015 Land Disposition
         FY 2014 Land Disposition
         FY 2013 Land Disposition
         Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan (PAMANA) 2019 Q1 Q2  Q3  Q4
 VI. Annual Financial Reports
          FAR No. 1: SAAOBDB (Statement of Appropriations Allotments, Obligations,
                              Disbursements and Balances as of Dec YEAR)
              FY 2019
                    Fund 101 Current (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
                                  Continuing (Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Current (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
                                  FMP Continuing (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
                    Fund 102 INREMP Current (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
                                  INREMP Continuing (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
              FY 2018
                    Fund 101 Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 INREMP Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)

              FY 2017
                    Fund 101 Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 101 Continuing (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Continuing (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 INREMP Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                                   INREMP Continuing (Q1Q2Q3Q4)

               FY 2016 
                    Fund 101 Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 101 Continuing (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Continuing         (Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 INREMP Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                                   INREMP Continuing (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
               FY 2015 
                    Fund 101 Current (Q1Q2; Q3 Q4)
                    Fund 101 Continuing (Q1Q2; Q3 Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Current (Q1Q2Q3 Q4)
                                  FMP Continuing (Q1; Q2; Q3 Q4)
                    Fund 102 INREMP Current & Continuing (Q1; Q2Q3 Q4)
                FY 2014
                    Fund 101 Current (Q1;Q2Q3 Q4) 
                    Fund 101 Continuing (Q1Q2Q3 Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Current (Q1Q2Q3 Q4) 
                    Fund 102 FMP Continuing (Q1Q2Q3 Q4)
                    Fund 102 INREMP Current (Q1Q2Q3 Q4)
                FY 2013
                      Fund 101 (Current / Continuing)
                      Fund 102 (Current
                      Fund 151 
                      Fund 158 (Current / Continuing)
                      Fund 401
          FAR No. 1-A:
              FY 2019
                    Fund 101 Current (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
                                  Continuing (Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Current (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
                                  FMP Continuing (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
                    Fund 102 INREMP Current (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
                                  INREMP Continuing (Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4)

              FY 2018
                    Fund 101 Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 INREMP Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
          FAR No. 1-B
               FY 2019
                  Fund 101 Current (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Current (Q1Q2Q3; Q4)
                                         Continuing (  Q2, Q3, Q4)
                  Fund 102 INREMP Current (    Q2Q3; Q4)
                                INREMP Continuing (Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4)

             FY 2018

                    Fund 101 Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP Current (Q1Q2; Q3Q4)
                    Fund 102 INREMP Current (Q1Q2Q3Q4)

            FAR No. 1-C:

                     Fund 101 Current (Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4)
                    Fund 102 FMP (Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4)
                    Fund 102 INREMP (Q1; Q2; Q3; Q4)

           FAR No. 2:

                    Benguet 2019 (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)
                      Benguet  2018 

           FAR No. 2-A:

                     Benguet 2019 (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)
                     Benguet 2018

           FAR No. 3:

                     Benguet 2019 (Annual)
                     Benguet 2018 (Annual)

           FAR No. 4: Summary Report on Disbursements

                         FY 2019 REGULAR
                                Regional Office    (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)
                                FMP                   (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)
                                INREMP              (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)
                        FY 2018 REGULAR  (JanFebMar, AprMayJunJulAugSepOctNov, Dec)
                        FY 2018 INREMP     (JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec)     
                        FY 2018 FMP           (JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec)
                        FY 2017 REGULAR  (JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec)
                        FY 2017 INREMP     (JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec)     
                        FY 2017 FMP           (JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOct, NovDec)
                        FY 2016   Q1Q2Q3Q4;     FY 2016 INREMP Q1Q2Q3Q4;     FY 2016 FMP  Q1Q2Q3; Q4
                        FY 2015    
                        FY 2014      
                        FY 2013   
           FAR No. 5 : Quarterly Report on Revenue and Other Receipts
                FY 2019  Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
                 FY 2018  Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
                 FY 2017  Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
                FY 2016  Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
                FY 2015
                FY 2014
                FY 2013 
          FAR No. 6: Quarterly Reports for Trust Receipts
               FY 2019
                     Fund 101 (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)
                     Fund 102 FMP (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)
                     Fund !02 INREMP (Q1, Q2, Q3 Q4)                       
          d. BAR No. 1: Quarterly Physical Report of Operations/Physical Plan
                        Quarterly Report of Operations
                         FY 2019     Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
                          FY 2018      Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
                        FY 2017      Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
                        FY 2016      Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
                        FY 2015    Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
                        FY 2014      Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4
                        FY 2013      Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4 
                        Physical Plan
                        FY 2019 Work and Financial Plan
                        FY 2018 Work and Financial Plan
                          FY 2017 GASS to MFO 3 WFP
                        FY 2016 GASS to MFO 3 WFP
                        FY 2015 GASS to MFO 3 WFP
                         FY 2014  GASS     STO     MFO1      MFO2     MFO3
                        FY 2013 GASS to MFO 3 WFP
           e. Financial Plan (Detailed Statement of Current Year's Obligations,
               Disbursements and Unpaid Obligations)
                         FY 2019 Financial Plan
                          FY 2018 Financial Plan
                          FY 2017 Financial Plan
                          FY 2016 Financial Plan
                        FY 2015 Financial Plan
                        FY 2014 Financial Plan
                        FY 2013 Financial Plan
 VII. Annual Reports on the Status of Income authorized by law to be deposited outside the National Treasury
 VIII.   Qualiy Management Manual Aligned to ISO 9001:2015
        a. DENR Quality Policy 2016
 IX. System of Ranking Delivery Unit
       Guidelines on Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals as basis for granting the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) for FY 2015 (DENR MC No. 2015-06)
        Supplemental Guidelines on Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals as basis for granting the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) for CY 2016 (DENR MC No. 2016-12)
X.    Agency Review and compliance Procedure of Statements and Financial Disburses
  XI . Freedom of Information (per FOI Memorandum Circular No. 02, s. 2018)
        b. DENR Information Inventory
        d. CAR CY 2017 FOI Registry
        e. Screenshot of DENR-CAR website containing visible and functional FOI logo linked to e-FOI portal
        f. FY2018 DENR FOI Summary Report (to be posted by January 31, 2019)
        g. FY2018 DENR FOI Registry  (to be posted by January 31, 2019)
  XII. DENR Report Cards
        MFO Accountability Report Card (MARC-I)
        Management Accountability Report Card (MARC-2)
        Priority Program Accountability Report Card (PPARC)


Municipal LGU of Balbalan, Kalinga engaged  in Forest Land Use Planning (FLUP) activities


The Forest Land Use Planning is a governance-oriented and participatory process of allocating forests and forest lands as a natural resources asset by the government under appropriate management, tenure arrangement.  Eventually, these assets are placed according to their best uses in order to harmonize uses of forest lands to attain balanced-production activities by not disregarding the concept of forest protection and biodiversity conservation. The Forest Land Use Plans (FLUP) shall be integrated in the Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUPs) of the Local Government Units (LGUs).

At the Office of CENRO Pinukpuk a Letter of intent was sent by the office of the Local Chief Executive of MLGU Balbalan expressing their interest in the preparation of FLUP of their Municipality. Upon the receipt of the said letter, personnel of DENR CENRO Pinukpuk joined the session of the Sangguniang Bayan where a resolution was drafted authorizing the Local Chief Executive to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for the preparation of the FLUP on behalf of the Municipality.

As a result, an FLUP orientation and workshop was conducted recently at Balbalan by representatives from DENR Regional office, PENRO and CENRO Staff.  Participants to the orientation include the Barangay Local Government Unit officials, other MLGU officials and employees, and other concerned stakeholders within the municipality.

The orientation/workshop employed an interactive type of discussion.  During the open forum, the participants sought to be clarified on some points, concerns, issues and constraints of the target LGU which were answered by the facilitators.

After the fruitful discussion the Local Chief Executive of the Municipality of Balbalan, Mayor Eric L. Gunayon represented the Municipality by signing the Memorandum of Agreement that finally engaged the MLGU and BLGU Officials in the activities to be undertaken under the FLUP.  Also CENRO Imelda B. Casiwan and MPDO Sonia S. Duggoy signed as witnesses to the MOA.

CENRO Casiwan said that she looks forward to a  strengthened partnership as they join efforts to prepare the FLUP of Balbalan, Kalinga.

She added that it is crucial that before forest land use planning can take place in a certain province or municipality, the executive and legislative branches of the LGU, where planning will be conducted, have already executed their dedication to come up with the FLUP for a guided improvement and or development in the forestland cover.  As manifested in their letter of intent that while they recognized the link between the improved management of forest resources and the overall development direction of the province or municipality, this would facilitate their involvement in the planning process and ensure that the plan gets legitimized and implemented.|C. Pinukpuk, RTBanawa

Photo Releases

FIRST PUBLIC APPEARANCE. Shanum (left) and Eloy (right) welcome passersby during the Exhibit cum Talakayan sa Parke on July 3-6 at Malcolm Square, Baguio City. Eloy, the DENR-CAR mascot, represents eels which are indicators of clean water, thus, we must strive to maintain and make our rivers clean. ERDB-WWRRDEC mascot, Shanum, derived from the Ibaloi term for "water," represents the cool, clean, and refreshing water; with leaves that represent "green" watershed wherein it is fully stock with vegetation|SJEMauting

Bokod, Benguet - Some lumber seized and hauled by the team of DENR – CAR, LGU Officials of Bokod, Benguet, some PNP Bokod and some other officials from the barangays of Bokod. According to CENR Officer Alejandro De Jesus, the forest products totaled to 107 pieces of Benguet Pine lumber with a volume of 326.33 board feet and specifically taken in Sitio Naubanan, Ekip, Bokod, Benguet, the head source of Bokod River. (read more...)

Mga Minero parin Kayo. DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu enters into dialogue with the mining community of Itogon, Benguet on the stoppage order on all illegal mining activities in the Cordilleras. Cimatu assures the legalization of the small scale mining industry upon the declaration of a Minahang Bayan by the Provincial Mining Regulatory Board (PMRB)|AJTuraray