DENR-CAR personnel re-oriented on DENR SPMS


With the impending submission of performance rating for the 1st semester and commitments for the 2nd semester, a timely re-orientation and workshop on the DENR Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) was conducted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR.

The Planning and Management Division (PMD), in coordination with the Human Resource and Development Section (HRDS), enjoined the attendance of field and regional personnel directly involved in the preparation of Office Performance Commitment and Rating and Division PCR for the two day learning event.

It was held on June 28 to 29 at Supreme Hotel, Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City.

Through CSC MC No. 6, s. of 2012, Guidelines in the Establishment and Implementation of Agency SPMS, DENR SPMS came about.  It was approved on September 11, 2014 and was initially implemented on the last quarter of 2014 and fully operationalized in 2015.  It took the place of the Performance Evaluation System (PES) which was found out to be more subjective rather than objective.

In a discussion about the approved DENR SPMS, Forester Rose Apilis emphasized that the attainment of an organization’s performance commitment lies on the collective outputs of all the individuals within the organization.

Also, she pointed out the linkage of organizational performance with the Philippine Development Plan, Agency Mandate and Program Thrusts and Organizational Performance Indicator Framework.

Performance equals reward.  To be eligible for the Performance Based Bonus (PBB) the agency has to satisfy the Qualifying and Ranking Indicators as indicated in their Major Final Outputs (MFO).

Qualifying Indicators are the performance information targets stipulated under the General Appropriations Act (GAA) while Ranking Indicators are those identified by the DENR SPMS Committee in rating each delivery unit.

HRD head Marie Erlyn Ludaes expounded on the Memorandum Order (MC) No. 2015-01 or the Supplemental Guidelines in the Implementation of the DENR SPMS for 2015 and 2016.

The memorandum order states where, when and how often OPCR, DPCR and IPCR should be submitted. Further, it illustrates the success indicators needed for the rating.

Prior to the workshop, Forester Joseph Mauting reiterated the use of indicators necessary for rating based on the Rating Scale.  He also explained the proper manner of accomplishing the PCR form.

During the workshop proper facilitated by PMD Chief Francis Basali and Mauting, inaccuracies and miscalculations were noted, discussed and corrected. |GSAstudillo

Photo Releases

WILDLIFE SPOTTED. One of the two groups of the DENR-CAR hikers list down spotted flora as part of the activity of the grassland ecosystem hike while trekking the 13 km Ampucao-Sta. Fe Ridge, usually referred to as Mt. Ulap, on June 17, 2016. Office-based employees were able to directly experience one of the areas protected by the department.

SYSTEM UPGRADE. ISAs, HRMOs, Computer Operators and AOs IV of the different offices of DENR-CAR gather together at DENR-CAR Training Center to test out the enhanced DENR Personnel Information System (DPIS) on June 6-9, 2016 after being trained by the Central Office on May 4-6, 2016. Basic Information of the different employees are entered which could later be accessed by each employee for editing and printing certain reports once the system is perfected.

READY TO SOAR AGAIN. Mr. Julius K. Cawilan, head of the Conservation and Development Division is assisted by a DENR staff as he inspects the wing span of the juvenile Changeable Hawk Eagle turned over to the DENR-CAR’s office on May 4, 2016. The bird shall undergo rehabilitation prior to its final release to its natural habitat. (Photo: SGGarcia)

THE WAY IT USED TO BE. Barangay Kagawad Michael Balajo of Bolog, Kiangan, Ifugao recalls before those attending the environmental forum what forests were like in Ifugao during his early days. This assessment workshop form part of the 2-day environmental forum entitled “Revisiting the Muyung System in the Province of Ifugao” from April 18-19 in celebration of Earth Day.

ERDB National ManCon. Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau led by Assistant Secretary for Field Operations Forester Marcial Amaro (at the middle wearing white) had its first management conference for 2016 in Baguio City from March 8 to 10. (Photo: FHCorpuz)

PENR Officer Moises H. Butic of Apayao awards the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP) contracts to Talifugo Indigenous Farmers Association (TIFA) of Brgy. Talifugo, Conner, Apayao, Ili Seedling Growers and Farmers Association (ISGFA) Brgy.  Ili, Conner, Apayao and Lenneng Timpuyog Farmers Association (LTFA) Brgy. Lenneng, Kabugao, Apayao for sub project development.

Potting session. Sixty-four officials of the Kalipunan ng mga Kawani ng Kagawaran ng Kalikasan, which is the national labor union of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources prepares about 1,000 seedling bags which they also planted with various species of seeds. (Photo: GJNFontanilla)

Lake under ground. Some Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR personnel visit the Lake Ingkolos during the World Wetlands Day. This rare lake located in the southern part of the Mt. Pulag National Park literally has its water under thin grassland. (Photo: GJFontanilla)

New leadership in CENRO-Baguio. New designated Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer Rainier Balbuena (2nd from the left) from the Land Management Bureau receives the key of responsibility from former CENR Officer Edgardo Flor (3rd from the left) as he assumes his post in CENRO-Baguio. They are joined by Benguet Provincial ENR Officer Julio Lopez (1st from the left), (4th from the left to right) Regional Director Ralph Pablo, Assistant RD for Management Services Crizaldy Barcelo and ARD for Technical Services Augusto Lagon. (Photo: FCorpuz)

Students from Conner Central National High School participating in a clean-up drive last January 28, 2016. This event spearheaded by CENRO Conner, Apayao in celebration of World Wetlands Day covered the 2 km. stretch of Nabuangan River traversing  Barangays Ripang and Talifugo,  Conner, Apayao. A total volume of 54 kgs. of garbage was properly collected during the event that lasted for 2 hours.|C. Conner (Photo: ENapigue) [click for more]

Thanks and farewell. (L-R) Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR Regional Director Ralph Pablo hands a token of recognition to former Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer Fernando Ballacillo of the field office in Bangued, Abra who has retired after more than 40 years in government service last January 19. The ceremony was joined by Assistant RD for Management Services, Crizaldy Barcelo; Administrative Division Chief Juan Calimag; Abra Provincial ENR Officer Ernesto Aton; and Lagangilang CENR Officer Gilberto Tagura.|GJFontanilla (Photo: Ferdinand Corpuz)

I see you. Philippine Ducks, Intermediate Egrets, and Grey Herons were spotted at Alfonso Lista, Ifugao during the annual Asian Waterfowl Census on January 12 to 16 during food hunting, 6AM-8AM and roosting times,4:30PM-6:00PM. The LGU is developing the area as a tourist destination for bird watching. [click here for more]

Partnership towards viable and sustainable ecotourism. (L-R) Department of Tourism-CAR Regional Director Marie Venus Tan and Department of Environment and Natural Resources-CAR Regional Director Ralph Pablo ensured close relationship between their agencies to ensure balanced environmental protection and tourism promotion in the Cordilleras.